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Letter to the Editor:
Ag Land Measure Won’t Alter Zoning

Andy Caldwell is always entitled to have an opinion, but I think he misses the mark with his recent Guest Opinion headlined “Say goodbye to Goleta Good Land.”

Measure G2012 Goleta Agricultural Land Protection Initiative is not intended to change zoning in the city of Goleta, but rather to preserve the zoning that exists for agricultural parcels in the city’s General Plan.

The General Plan calls for a balance of residential, commercial and agricultural land uses.
The plan already provides for enough residentially zoned vacant parcels to meet and exceed the Regional Housing Needs Allocation, or RHNA, units mandated for the present RHNA cycle and for the foreseeable future. Most of these parcels are along the Hollister Avenue public-transportation corridor.

Passage of Measure G2012 by Goleta voters on Nov. 6 won’t result in the density increases forecast by Mr. Caldwell. G2012 will give Goletans the final say in preserving agricultural-zoned parcels as part of the balance of land uses within the city.

 Signed: Bob Wignot, Chair, Goodland Coalition Committee for Measure G2012, Goleta
Published in the Santa Barbara News-Press, October 24, 2012


Los Padres Chapter Sierra Club endorsement — click here
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Protect Goleta Agricultural Land by Supporting Measure G2012, the Goleta Agricultural Land Protection Initiative — CPA Fall, 2012 newsletter 
by George Relles

The Goodland Coalition is grateful that Citizens Planning Association of Santa Barbara County has endorsed G2012, joining a very broad band of community leaders, organizations and individuals seeking to protect Goleta’s major agricultural parcels. Simply stated, G2012 requires Goleta voters’ approval before zoning changes to Goleta’s major agricultural parcels can occur.

Goodland Coalition Chair Bob Wignot calls upon CPA members to continue CPA’s tradition of activism by backing the endorsement in any way they can. “Those who vote in Goleta should vote Yes on G2012 this fall,” he said. “Those who do not vote in Goleta can urge their Goleta family members and friends to vote Yes.”

CPA’s endorsement of G2012 is perfectly in keeping with CPA’s mission statement “… to promote responsible land-use planning and environmental protection in Santa Barbara County.”

Forged from numerous, well-attended community meetings, Goleta’s General Plan contains a balance of urban and agricultural uses. Currently the City of Goleta has nearly 2 million square feet of commercial development and 1,400 housing units in process, more than enough to meet California’s housing mandates. Proposals that could upset that balance recur.

For example, in September 2011 Goletans came together and successfully urged Goleta’s City Council to reject a developer’s proposal for over 1,000 luxury units on Bishop Ranch. Still, it now takes only three City Council members’ votes to re-zone an agricultural parcel in Goleta. That’s why over 2,100 Goleta voters signed petitions placing G2012 on the November 2012 ballot.

Wignot notes, “G2012 promotes many of CPA’s own objectives.” Here are some examples of how G2012 is in line with CPA’s Mission Statement and Objectives:

  • “Preservation of agricultural land.” The desire to preserve Goleta agriculture has been repeatedly reaffirmed by Goleta residents and City Council since cityhood was won.
  • “CPA works to publicly defend our communities’ plans and environmental safeguards against special concessions to private interests.” The City Council majority can change every two years. G2012 gives the final say to Goleta Voters.
  • “Protecting our air, our water and other natural resources.” G2012 gives the public the extended time during an election for careful analysis of a major development proposal’s impact on our community, infrastructure and environment.

Source: Newsletter of Citizens Planning Association of Santa Barbara County, Fall 2012


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campaign kickoff, September 25

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The Goodland Coalition Launches the Goleta Agricultural Land Protection Initiative

The Goodland Coalition (GC), a group of City of Goleta residents and local supporters, today announced a signature drive to place the Goleta Agricultural Land Protection Initiative on the November 2012 ballot. This measure (subsequently titled G2012) would require Goleta voter approval before Goleta agricultural parcels could be rezoned. Similar initiatives passed elsewhere in California, including most recently in the City of Buellton, have been effective in stemming the loss of valuable agricultural resources.

Bob Wignot, spokesperson for the GC said, “In September 2011, the Goleta City Council unanimously denied a developer’s request to change Bishop Ranch agricultural zoning to mixed use residential and commercial.  The initiative introduced today builds on the leadership our Council members showed in upholding the Goleta General Plan’s objective to preserve agricultural lands.” He continued, “Goleta started as fields filled with lemons and walnuts. It has ripened into a beautiful and prosperous city, with a wonderful mix of urban and agricultural uses. We want to ensure that Goleta’s few remaining agricultural parcels are not rezoned without the full and direct involvement of Goleta’s residents.”

The initiative applies to only the six agricultural parcels of ten (10) or more acres remaining in the City of Goleta. The parcels affected would be the Bishop Ranch and the two ag-zoned properties immediately to its east and west, Fairview Gardens, a parcel in Ellwood Canyon, and a parcel west of Glen Annie Golf Course.

Mr. Wignot put forth several compelling reasons for giving Goleta residents the final voice on rezoning agricultural lands.

  • Agriculture is a valuable and irreplaceable resource in our economy and our eco-systems.
  • Intensive development that could follow rezoning could put added stress on our already stretched budgets and infrastructure such as public safety, traffic capacity, libraries and schools.
  • Rezoning of our heritage farmlands is too important to leave to the sole discretion of a city council majority subject to change every two years.

The next step will be to collect the signatures of 1,600 Goleta registered voters necessary for the initiative to appear on the November 2012 ballot. “With our volunteers collecting signatures door-to-door and in public places, I feel confident we can meet the deadline,” said Mr. Wignot. He continued, “We also plan to hold public forums and respond to inquiries so that Goleta residents are fully informed on the measure.”

In closing, Mr. Wignot said, “As Goleta’s General Plan recognizes, agriculture is a vital part of Goleta’s past, present and future. Potential rezoning of agriculture for development would have vast implications for the very character of Goleta. Goleta residents must have the final vote on any more rezones of large agricultural parcels in Goleta.”