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“Goleta started as fields filled with lemons and walnuts. It has ripened into a beautiful and prosperous city, with a wonderful mix of urban and agricultural uses. We want to ensure that Goleta’s few remaining agricultural parcels are not rezoned without the full and direct involvement of Goleta’s residents.”
— Bob Wignot

8,943 (71.19% of the 12,563 votes cast)
chose YES on G2012!

A note from Bob Wignot…

As you may have already heard, Measure G2012 Goleta Agricultural Land Protection Initiative won with 71% of Goleta voters. True, there was no organized opposition but G2012 got 10% more votes than Goleta City Council candidates who ran unopposed on the Goleta ballot.

G2012’s lopsided victory underscores what the Goodland Coalition knew all along: Goleta voters’ desire to maintain Goleta’s General Plan protections for our remaining farmland runs broad and deep.

Our overwhelming win is the result of efforts and support by so many who deserve our thanks. Some require specific recognition and we’ll try to do that in rough chronological order. We express our deepest appreciation to:

* The members of “Buellton Is Our Town” who not only inspired us with the success of their Urban Growth Boundary Initiative only a few years ago, but who shared their knowledge and organizing principles with us.

*The lawyers at the Environmental Defense Center who drafted our initiative and provided their ongoing legal expertise and support.

*The numerous Goleta citizens who walked neighborhoods and stood in front of marketplaces collecting signatures in rain or shine and gathered 2,100 signatures in 6 short weeks to qualify G2012 for the ballot.

* The Fund for Santa Barbara which generously contributed a large grant to help kick start the funding for our efforts.

* The numerous individuals who generously contributed donations large and small to help us get the word out about G2012.

*The wide range of individuals and organizations that endorsed G2012 and encouraged their friends and supporters to do likewise. (See endorsements.)

*Each and every one of the 8,943 Goletans who voted Yes on G2012 to protect Goleta farmland for the next 20 years.

The Goodland Coalition Committee for Measure G2012 extends our deepest gratitude to all of you for your generous and unfailing support. Thank you!

Bob Wignot, Chair

“Measure G2012: Yes
Goleta’s Agricultural Preservation Ordinance

If approved, Measure G, a farmland protection initiative for the Goleta Valley, would require voter approval for the development of agriculturally zoned land of 10 acres or more. This vote would take place only if and after the development in question had already gone through Goleta’s environmental review and approval process. As such, Measure G would give Goleta voters the final word. Although many of Measure G’s protections are currently codified in the city’s General Plan, recent proposals to build up to 1,200 new housing units on the 240 acres that make up Bishop Ranch convinced Measure G’s backers that an extra layer of protection was necessary. In the case of Bishop Ranch, the Goleta City Council did the right thing. Council majorities change, but the pressure to convert ag land into urban space will never go away. There is no serious opposition to Measure G for good reason; it makes good sense.”

Endorsement by the Santa Barbara Independent

G2012 — Goleta Agricultural Land Protection

Please vote YES on MEASURE G2012

The Goleta Agricultural Land Protection Initiative gives Goleta voters the final say. Development threatens to overtake Goleta’s agricultural heritage. Now is the time to give Goleta voters the final say on proposals to rezone our few remaining large agricultural parcels.

MEASURE G2012 protects Goleta’s agricultural land. Under Measure G2012, zoning changes to Goleta parcels currently designated for agriculture could occur only with voter approval, with limited exceptions, for the next twenty years.

MEASURE G2012 upholds the Goleta General Plan. Goleta’s General Plan balances protecting agriculture with residential and commercial development now and in the future. The voice of the entire community should be heard before upsetting this balance.

MEASURE G2012 gives power to Goleta voters. Today, it takes the votes of only three City Council members to trade Goleta’s agricultural future for Orange County-style development. G2012 would give the community the final review of council actions that rezone major agricultural lands.

MEASURE G2012 promotes democracy and civic engagement. The public often gets too little notice of important items before a council vote. An election on a rezoning proposal would provide sufficient time to understand the full impacts of rezoning large agricultural parcels on Goleta’s services and infrastructure, such as water, public safety, and roads.

Please vote YES on MEASURE G2012 to give Goleta voters the final say.